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About Ramgarh

Ramgarh which once was military district during the British rule is now a flourishing center of business and trade in Jharkhand. In was initially referred as Ramghur and became an independent district in the year 2007. Ramgarh Cantonment is headquarter of the district. Ramgarh District constitutes of 6 blocks namely Patratu, Ramgarh, Mandu, Gola, Dulmi and Chitarpur. Gola being the district registration office. It is a cultural, industrial, and mining hub.

About Ramgarh
Mata Viashano Devi Temple

History of Ramgarh

There are many evidences to prove the linkage of this city with Stone Age civilization and with Mauryan and Gupta Empire. Ramgarh during medieval period was under King Bagdeo Singh who in 1368 founded Ramgarh regime. The capital of Ramgarh at that time was Sira. During the heydays of British rule it served as militiray garrison and Ramgarh Battalion was used for suppressing the Munda Uraon and Tamad Revolt and Kol revolt. Many important events pre and post independence such as Indian National Congress 53rd Session was held in the district which then was a part of Hazaribagh. On 12th September 2007, Ramgarh was carved out of Hazaribagh district and formed a separate district comprising Gola, Patratu, Mandu and Ramgarh, making the total number of district in Ramgarh to be 24.

Geography of Ramgarh

Ramgarh is part of Chotanagpur plateau with total area 1360.08 km2. It borders with Bokaro District in North and East, Hazaribagh district in north and west, Purulia district in east and Ranchi district in south. The main river is Damodar which flows through the district. There are several small rivers too such as Gomti, Hurhuri, Kochi, Kurum, Dhobdhab and Sherbhuki which flows through the district as well. Ramgarh has rich reserves of minerals such as cola, limestone, fire clay etc that can be found here. There are many places in where large deposit of coal bed methane and coal can be found along with other minerals too. Central Coalfield Ltd which is the subsidiary of Cold India Ltd has divided the coalfields into different areas for record purpose.

Demography of Ramgarh

As per 2011 census, the population of Ramgarh was 9,49,159. The density of population in Ramgarh has been estimated to be 684 inhabitants/ square kilometer. The sex ratio of the city has been estimated to be 921 females per 1000 males. The literacy rate is 73.92%.

Climate, Soil, and Forest in Ramgarh

The climate experienced in Ramgarh is semi extreme due to the location of the area in the semi humid region of Chotanagpur. The day temperature during summer can rise as high as 40°C while in winter the temperature can drop down to 10°C accompanied by cold winds. While the winter season is from November to February, the summer is from March to May and the monsoon season is from June to October. Mainly Sand loam and red soil can be found in the city.The total forest area of the district is 487.93 km2. Ramgarh is rich in flora and fauna. Large varieties of animals, birds, plants and trees can be found in the forest of Ramgarh.

Economy of Ramgarh

Profile of Ramgarh
Coal Mining

Cultivation of variety of crops is the main occupation of Ramgarh. The main agricultural season in Ramgarh is Rabi, Kharif and Zaid. Crops such as maize, rice, ragi, vegetables and fruits are grown here. Just like agriculture, Ramgarh has lot of industries too. It is rich in minerals. Hence, a large number of mineral based companies such as sponge iron, steel, thermal power, refractory etc can be found here due to availability of minerals such as coal. Some important public sector undertakings in the city are Patratu Thermal Power Station, Steel authority of India (SAIL) Refractories, Bharat Refractories Ltd and Central Repair Work Shop. Apart from this there are several private sector industries too such as Jharkhand Ispat Private Limited, Jindal Steel & Power Limited (JSPL), DLF Power Limited, Jharkhand Ispat Private Limited to name a few.

Culture of Ramgarh

The culture of Ramgarh is quite rich and very unique too. There are several temples which are visited by many pilgrims throughout the year. Some of them were constructed many years back. Tooti Jharna mandir and Rajarappa Mandir are two such temples which are very popular especially amongst those who are getting married.

Information on Ramgarh
Rajarappa Mandir

The major festivals which are celebrated in Ramgarh include Holi, Diwali , Dussehra, Chhath, Ramnavami, Eid, Makar Sankranti, Tusu, Sarhul etc. During such festivals fairs are organized at different parts of Ramgarh. Since there are many industries in Ramgarh, Vishwakarma puja is also performed with lot of pomp and show . Fairs that are organized during Makar Sankranti near Rajrappa mandir deserve special mentioning as it attracts lots of people from all over the country. Fairs can also be found in festivals such as karma, Jitiya and such other festivals.

Food in Ramgarh

When here one can taste the local cuisine which is extremely delicious and healthy too. The cuisine which is commonly prepared in every household is simple and includes Phulka or roti, rice, sabzi, dal and different varieties of homemade pickle. Vada and Duska are famous street food which is made mostly using rice and urad dal. Khoya pedas is a dry sweet which can be found mostly in Rajrappa mandir region and is a local sweet which must be enjoyed by all when here. Read More................

Entertainment and Shopping in Ramgarh

There is no dearth of market places and source of entertainment in Ramgarh. The main markets are in Patratu, Kuju, Bhurkunda, Ramgarh and Gola. Almost all needs are fulfilled by the shops that sell large varieties of goods as per needs of the customers. Ramgarh has many cinema halls to entertain people with the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Regional movies. The halls which can be visited are New Shanti Cinema, Rajeev Talkies, Gitanjali Talkies, Lakshmi Talkies, Janta Talkies, Veena Talkies and many more.

Entertainment in Ramgarh
Movie Hall

Ramgarh also has various clubs where functions are organized at regular intervals for the entertainment of people. Some of the clubs where people of Ramgarh can enroll themselves as member and thereby enjoy the benefits provided by them are Rotary club of Ramgarh, Rotary club in Ramgarh Cantt, Gymkhana Club, Lions club and the likes. There is also a museum Zarina Khatoon Museum Cum Research Center located in Chiterpur which can be visited too.

New Shanti Picture Palace
Address: National Highway 33, Ramgarh Cantt, Ramgarh-Jharkhand - 829122
Contact: +(91)-9835725132

Tourist Places in Ramgarh

Tourism forms a great industry in Ramgarh because of it being an important place of pilgrimage along with other sightseeing options. Also, there are various tourist destinations that are located close to the city and can be easily visited as a day tour or during weekends. The famous temples visited often by the pilgrims are Tooti Jharna Temple, Mayatungri Temple, Khere Math, Kaitha Shiv Mandi, Gurudawara Singh Sabha and Rajrappa Mandir. Mahatma Gandhi Samadhi Sathal, China Cemetery and Megalithic sites of Ramgarh District are important historical monuments which should not be missed when here. Ramgarh also provides ample opportunity for nature enthusiasts also. One can visit Naikari Dam, Dhur-duria fall, Am-Jharia Fall, Nimi Fall, Dhara Fall, Gandhaunia, Chutupallu, Bankhetta, Liril Fall, Barso Paani, Hundru Fall and many more to see nature at its best.

Ramgarh has developed over the years and the government has ensured easy communication to this important historic city which is rich in culture and heritage. The city has all that is required for a comfortable stay. The rise of popularity of the city of Ramgarh can be attributed to its flourishing agricultural and industrial development along with tourism industry too. Read More..................

Healthcare in Ramgarh

Hospitals in Ramgarh

The healthcare needs of the people of Ramgarh is taken very seriously by the local administration of the town. This can be proved by the fact that there are numerous health care centers which have been set up to meet the health care needs of the people. Some of the major hospitals in Ramgarh are:

Brindavan Hospital & Research Centre Pvt Ltd
Address: Ranchi Road, Ramgarh HO
Ramgarh, Jharkhand - 829122
Phone No: + (91)-6553-224516

Popular Nursing Home
Address: Rail Main Road
New Town, Ramgarh HO
Ramgarh, Jharkhand - 829122
Phone No: + (91)-9491156801

Mother and Health Care Center
Address: A-01,Jhanda Chowk
Behind Patratu Basti, Ramgarh Road
Patratu, Ramgarh
Jharkhand - 829118
Phone No: +(91)-6553-230557

Prime Hospital
Address: Satkaudi Complex
Gola Road, National Highway 23
Ramgarh, Jharkhand
Phone No: 06553 231600

These hospitals are equipped with the latest technology in the field of medical science so as to help the patients to get better treatment. The qualified doctors can be approached at any time in case suffering from any medical condition. Read More......................

Transportation in Ramgarh

The city is well connected via great network of railways and roads to different parts of the country. The district railway network has been divided into two zones namely South Eastern Railway and East Central Railway. The railway station of Ramgarh is located in Ramgarh Cantt where passenger trains and some express train pass regularly. There are other railway stations near Ramgarh which can also be availed to reach the city such as Barkakana Junction, Ranchi Road railway station, Gola Road railway station and Patratu railway station.

Ramgarh Cant Station
Location: Ramgarh Cantonment, Ramgarh district, Jharkhand, India
Station code : RMT
Zone(s) : South Eastern Railway
Division(s) : Ranchi Division

Roads are majorly used to commute within the city as well as outside the city. NH 23, NH33 and SH2 passing through the district of Ramgarh make it easily accessible from the other parts of the country. The nearest airport to the city is located at a distance of 45 Km at Ranchi from where one can get flights to other parts of the country such as Patna, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and other major cities as well. Read More.................

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