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Food in Ramgarh

The traditional cuisine of Ramgarh comprises of both vegetarain and non vegetarian dishes. Most of the traditional dishes that the people of Ramgarh prefer are not available in the eating joints that can be seen all around Ramgarh as the dishes have not been commercialized yet. However, if on a visit to the town of Ramgarh, one can get a chance to eat various exotic dishes that are prepared with lot of care. They can also be tasted during any traditional functions such as wedding too. In most of the dishes not much oil or spices are used except in pickles where use of spices and oil is must.

Food in Ramgarh
Food Thali

Traditional Dishes of Ramgarh

As paddy and wheat is grown in plenty both rice and roti is the staple diet of the people of Ramgarh. Rice or roti is served along with any lentils soup and various vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes . Some of the popular vegetable delicacies are those which are made using jack fruits, itch gourd, white pumpkin, lady finger, drumstick, bamboo shoots, Ghatta, flat beans, long beans, mushrooms, sweet potato and much more.

Pickle is a must and taken with almost all the meals by the people of Ramgarh. They can make variety of pickle using fruits and vegetables of different season. Some of the favorite ones are Kathal ka achar, Nimbu ka achar, Aam ka achar, tomato ka achar, Ool ka achar, Aamda achar, Sandhna ka achar and lot more variety. The pickles are either sweet or sour in taste depending on the pickle that they are making. The people of Ramgarh also make chutney which is mostly a sweet desert and can be used as a dip or sauce too. It is made using various vegetables and fruits available in the market. Some common chutney that is made in almost all the household are tomato chutney, imli chutney, Ool chutney, Aam chutney and several others. Fish, mutton and chicken are made using various spices to enhance the flavor.

Popular Food For Various Occasions in Ramgarh

People of Ramgarh celebrate each festival with great pomp and show. Food is one of the main attractions when it comes to any festival here. All the dishes are prepared with great care. There are some special foods that can be found during most of the festive occasion that is held in Ramgarh. These are Nimki, arsa, kasar larua, lakhto, murhi larua, chawal laddu, balu sahi, pitha and much more. Any festival in Ramgarh is incomplete without a drink by the name Hadia. It is a rice wine which when drunk especially during summer months is quite refreshing. Hadia has several healing properties too. It protects the person from sunstroke during summers when the climate is extreme in Ramgarh. It is used for treatment of jaundice. In case of running stomach Hadia can be consumed to treat stomach problems. It is made by fermenting boiled rice for 3-4 days to which “ranu” which is made using herbs is added. Though it has got many healing properties, consuming too much of it can be intoxicating.

Street Food in Ramgarh

Like most of the cities, Ramgarh too has many street side stalls that sell amazing mouth watering food. Some popular snacks in Ramgarh are ghugni, puchkas, paw bhaji, jhal muri and much more. Tibetan delicacies such as momos in different variety are available too. Both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian momos are prepared. Chinese food like thukpa, hakka chowmein, gravy chowmein in vegetarian and non vegetarian variety are available. Street side foods are not only tasty but quite affordable too.

Restaurants in Ramgarh

For the food lovers of Ramgarh, there are various restaurants in different parts of the city. These are multi cuisine restaurants serving variety of dishes to the customers. These restaurants are open till late at night and are ideal for either lunch or dinner with family members and friends. All the restaurants have take away options which can be used in case you want to enjoy the delicious meals at the comfort of your home. Here are some restaurants that can be visited when planning to dine out with family and friends in Ramgarh:

Spice Garden
Address: National Highway 33
Thana Chowk , Ramgarh Ho
Jharkhand - 829122

La Mareetal Restaurant
Address: Tirupati Balaji Complex
1st Floor, Bijulia, Ramgarh HO
Ramgarh, Jharkhand - 829122
Opposite Block Office
Phone No: + (91)-8969987695, 9955447975

The Waves
Address: 1st Street, Shivaji Road
Ramgarh Cantt, Ramgarh
Jharkhand - 829122
Phone No: +(91)-8092201666

Treat Restaurant
Address: Thana Chowk, Near Ramgarh Police Station
Ramgarh Ho, Ramgarh, Jharkhand - 829122
Phone No: +(91)-8804740777, 9334506264

Shivam Sweets & Restaurant
Address: Ramgarh HO, Ramgarh
Jharkhand - 829122
Malla Ramgarh
Phone No: +(91)-9639117986, 9411374152

Samrat Hotel
Address: Gola Road, Ramgarh Cantt
Ramgarh, Jharkhand - 829122
Phone No: +(91)-9835167587, 9835937064, 9835170733, and 9835137459

Royal Tadka
Address: Milap Building, Main Road
Ramgarh Cantt, Ramgarh
Jharkhand - 829122
Near Subhash Chowk
Phone No: +(91)-8092828701, 8092828702

These exotic restaurants in Ramgarh serve different types of cuisine such as South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Continental and some of them even serve traditional food of Jharkhand too. Just like the different parts of Jharkhand, people of Ramgarh also relishes a wide range of food available here.

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